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 Structured Cabling (now frequently referred to as data cabling or network cabling) is the physical layer that delivers all your organization's information and voice communications. A poorly designed network cabling system may decrease your network performance and cause communication errors. With the advent of VoIP (voice over IP), voice communications are now delivered on the same network cable plant as computer applications thus requiring an upgrade to higher quality data cabling. Clients are now replacing lower grade Cat 3 and Cat 5 voice cable systems with higher performance Category 5e and Category 6 network cabling systems. 


 ·         Cable system design - Our BICSI certified estimators carefully examine the factors affecting each project; facility structure, work-site environmental conditions, cable performance requirements, budget and schedule.

·         Data Cable Installation - Our projects are neat, organized and adhere to TIA and NEC code rules. Every time. Different grades of cable offering varying levels of performance are available including; Cat 5e cable, Cat 6 cable, Cat 6A cable and fiber optic cable.

·         Move, add and change (MAC) projects - Annually, we perform hundreds of small cable projects that require fast response and close coordination with our clients. Our project coordinators will be available anytime to take your requests and setup a site visit quickly. We will communicate with you during the entire process.

·         Cable Troubleshooting and Repair - using sophisticated testing equipment, our technicians analyze data cabling for hidden faults such as kinked cable, damaged cable, faulty termination, pair reversals, etc... Once the data cable fault(s) have been identified, we can make recommendations for repair or replacement of the defective cabling.

·         Cable Demolition and Removal - We frequently encounter cable removal as part of commercial renovation projects. Our technicians carefully remove undesired cable and leave active cabling undisturbed.

·         Cable Plant Rework - We can organize and reroute unorganized cable racks and closets and label cabling to make network port troubleshooting easier.

·         Cable Identification - Our technicians can trace out, tone and tag mislabeled or unlabeled cabling.

·         Demarc, DSL, T1 and T3 service extensions - Clients have many cable options for extending data circuits from the service entry point to the wiring closet. Cable options include; T screen, twisted pair and 734/735 coaxial cable and Fiber Optics

·         Cable Testing / Cable Certification - We offer test and certification services for existing network cabling, data cabling, or voice cabling for performance grading or reuse purposes. Clients can realize substantial cost savings by reusing cabling that we have recertified. Our Fluke DSX-5000 or OTDR meters are capable of certifying Category 6, Category 6A, Category 5e, Category 3, single mode fiber and multimode fiber cabling.

·         Workstation Cabling - today, our most common data cabling project is the installation of Category 5e, Category 6 or Category 6A cable from a wiring closet (Main Closet or Intermediate Closet) to a network outlet for PC workstations, printers and wireless access points. Other common data cabling applications include IP cameras, laboratory equipment, robotics, machine control, medical equipment and electronic access control devices. We install thousands of data cables annually with the most common type installed being Category 6. We only use the highest quality cabling, inserts and patch panels from US based manufacturers.

·         Backbone Cabling - Our extensive backbone cable experience includes cabling from MC closet (MDF) to IC (IDF) using single mode fiber, multimode fiber or Category 6 cabling. Voice backbone cabling typically involves the use of Category 3 or Category 5e multi pair copper cable. Fiber connector options include LC, SC, FC and ST style adapters. We have Corning Unicam, CommScope, Uniprise and Leviton fiber cable termination kits. Termination options for voice backbone cabling include 66 block, 110, BIX and Krone termination hardware. Our backbone cabling is always very neatly installed and clearly labeled.

·         Closet Build Out - We build out MC closets, IC closets, computer rooms, production area cabinets and zone wiring systems depending on the client's need. Closet build out typically includes ladder rack systems, data cabinets, racks, sleeves and cable management systems. All ladder racks, cabinets and free standing racks are properly grounded. We use Homaco, Chatsworth, Bline and Cablofil brand ladder rack systems. All closet sleeves, chases and other accesses are properly sealed using Hilti firestop products.

·         Outside Plant – We also offer a variety of outside plant work to include: Trenching from LEC manhole to customer’s building, conduit from MPOE to the customer’s network racks or MDF, concrete drilling, sawing and re-pouring, we can also manage a boring project using one of our trusted partners. 

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 We have installations in virtually every type of facility imaginable, including commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, educational, utility, health care and laboratory environments. From small move, add, change projects to complex, multi-site campus projects, we deliver professional service, expert advice and quality workmanship.

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